Peeling the Onion

Embedding local action in global awareness

Hello World!

It is a truism that “it’s a small world”. Our daily lives are touched by thousands of people spread far around this world, many of them in countries we may never have a chance to visit. For much of the world’s population, the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the electronic equipment we use, the very chairs we sit upon – were tended, weeded, welded, sewn, hammered and packaged by people in places as far apart as Thailand, Mexico, India, Holland, Malaysia and Canada. I believe that this binds us together and creates a relationship of mutual responsibility.

It is also undeniable that we live in an unjust world, with unequal access to the basics of life, in addition to the luxuries that many take for granted – like water coming out of a tap, shelter from the heat, safety in our communities, and a reasonable workload and compensation for our efforts.

My interest is primarily focused on food and agriculture and how we, all organisms, share this globe in a sustainable and just manner. My passion for this work is based in my concerns about the economic, social and environmental impacts of the industrial food system on our global community.

With each passing day, I learn more and deepen my understanding of my role and my responsibilities as a member of the community that inhabits this planet – I peel another layer off the onion.